Generic SEO, Search Engine Marketing & Pay Per Click Domain Names Made Available, provider of pre-owned generic domain names, today announced the availability of some generic SEO, Search Engine Marketing and Pay Per Click domain names.

“Owning a generic domain name can give you a marketing advantage as they are easy to remember and they can take traffic away for your competitors” commented spokesperson, Mike Taylor.

“For example, people don’t always remember WHO advertised, but they do tend to remember WHAT was advertised. Therefore by owning a generic domain name relevant to your product or service it offers you a great opportunity to be found by people typing in that generic website address.”

A generic domain name can also be used in your marketing material and there are plenty of examples available on the Internet of companies already using this marketing strategy. For example, redirects to B & Q (a UK do-it-yourself store) and redirects to Barnes & Noble (a US book store).

Available Domain Names

The SEO, Search Engine Marketing and Pay Per Click domain names made available are as follows:






Any companies interested in securing a generic domain name should make contact through the My Domain Name website.

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